Weighing the CRE Options: Which Amenities Will Deliver ROI for Your Business’ Recruiting and Retention Goals?

The key to identifying which amenities will deliver the most value in terms of employee recruiting and retention throughout your tenancy is to know thyself, as the ancient Greek saying goes.

Understanding and acknowledging where your business is today – in terms of the demographics of its employees, their needs and wants, its operational processes, and leadership style – is the baseline for defining your very individualized wish list of amenities. This should then be considered in the context of the company’s desired future culture and identity (if this is different from its current state).

The integration of these amenities, location factors, space/ building considerations and supporting talent, requires comprehensive due diligence and a measured approach to provide the most viable real estate solutions for consideration.

This is why we’ve created this exclusive tool to help you through the process.

While it can’t replace the personalized insight that can be gained from working one-on-one with a tenant advisor, like myself, it can offer a starting point for the considerations and steps that should be taken to assess and prioritize amenities as part of the CRE selection process.